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Walking On A Dream



Tipsy team #feelin22


This glass thooo 😱💯👌 @jensvibes by cannabis_leo

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Beautiful day for some reading at the park



A Sea of 4.5 Million Baby Blue Eye Flowers in Japan’s Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park is a sprawling 470 acre park located in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan, that features vast flower gardens including millions of daffodils, 170 varieties of tulips, and an estimated 4.5 million baby blue eyes (Nemophila). The sea on blue flowers blooms once annually around April in an event referred to as the “Nemophila Harmony.”

If you plan on visiting, the park offers a great English language flower calendar to help plan your trip. You can see many more photos of the grounds here. (via Bored Panda)

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No dude that’s clearly heaven

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Just another day in paradise 🌊

Definition of San Diego. Fun with the Roomie #cardiff #surfday #bulltaco

Dress up fun! 👒👗🏇 #horseraces #openingday

Finally got to enjoy a 4th of July 🎉🇺🇸